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423 E. Main St
Endicott, NY 13760


The Cat Doctor has been providing top quality family care in a cat-friendly environment since 1994.

Information Links

American Association of Feline Practitioners-

  • Excellent environmental enrichment and house-soiling prevention information and more

Cornell University Feline Health Center-

  • Comprehensive library of health topics including Diabetes, Kidney disease, Hyperthyroidism and more

The OSU College of Veterinary Medicine's  Indoor Cat Initiative-

  • Great info on creating the best and healthiest living space for indoor cats

 Veterinary Partner-

  • Easy to read info sheets written by veterinarians on a wide variety of topics-convenient search feature

ASPCA Animal Poison Control-

  • Information about toxic plants and household items and contact info for emergency consultations (fee)


  • patented inhalation chamber for cats with asthma

Cat Fanciers' Association-

  • Cat breed, show and other info for cat enthusiasts